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About Masonic Regalia

Masonic Regalia are the pieces of accessories and garments that provide the Freemasons a unique identity during ceremonial meetings or gatherings. Some of these garments serve as pieces of clothing worn since the first meetings of Freemasons. These garments and accessories are considered as a symbol of pride for members of the prestigious organisation.

As the Freemasons continue to build a stronger bond with their beliefs, the demand for Masonic Regalia continues to increase. Wearing the Regalia is a pride to Freemasons, regardless of the occasion or event. They make Masonic Regalia as a part of their personal style and a fashion statement to display their affiliation to the brotherhood.

The use of Masonic Regalia by members of brotherhood to help them create a unifying link of traditions they believe in the present day. Although they may be too flashy to wear on a daily basis, people of different groups still have a deep-rooted love for them.

Types of Masonic Regalia

There are several types of garments and ornaments that help the Freemasons set an aura for ceremony. This extraordinary collection of Masonic Regalia includes personal and Lodge items.

Lodge Regalia consists of Masonic Hoodwink, Masonic lodge jewellery, Candidates clothing, Officer’s Apron, Tiler’s sword, the Holy book of Scriptures, and Master’s Gavel.

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Personal Regalia consists of gloves, breast jewels, hats, shirts, aprons, rings etc. Regalia items had their own roles depending on the level of initiation to distinguish the roles of each member within the organization.

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Although members of Freemasonry use these symbols, they are not restricted to them. Even people who aren’t members of this prestigious organization can buy Masonic Regalia and gift to the Masons.

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